Stephan Zhang is a well known global leader in blockchain research and application.

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This article is based on an interview I had with Stephan Zhang, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of UTU.ONE.

UTU.ONE is the world’s first integrated application for social media, community-built DAC and NFTs.

Stephan Zhang is a well known global leader in blockchain research and application. As the director of Deakin University Blockchain Innovation Lab, he co-developed EOSIO, the renowned open-source platform for blockchain innovation.

Stephan has also worked on EOS121DAC, EOS World Map, L-Box Proxy, HexBlockchain Supply-chain Management System and many more high-value decentralized applications. Stephan was also actively involved in the creation of, …

What to Look for When Choosing a good Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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Everyone seems to want to hold some cryptocurrencies these days. The recent Bitcoin bull run as well as Dogecoin’s unprecedented pump has sparked a lot of interest in the crypto space from both institutional and retail investors.

To get in on the action, you need a crypto exchange where you can buy and sell digital currencies. If you are new to crypto trading, finding the right platform to buy and sell can be a huge challenge.

To help you pick the right one, we combed through the leading exchange offerings, and reams of data, to determine the best crypto exchanges…

The latest Chair.Finance’s NFT creation campaign is inspired by Beeple’s NFT artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”

Chair.Finance launched a campaign dubbed BEEPLE’S SMILE inspired by Beeple’s NFT artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Chair.Finance is an NFT platform that is disrupting the crypto industry by launching the first decentralized exchange (DEX) for NFT rights and benefits.

The Chair.Finance DEX will bridge the gap between real-world creativity and the digital world, where products, goods, and services can move with the speed of light and offer an unrivalled sense of ownership and authenticity.

The team has now launched a campaign dubbed BEEPLE’S SMILE inspired by Beeple’s NFT artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” a unique work in the history of digital art. Beeple, the art world disruptor at the heart of the current NFT boom…

How UTU.ONE is using blockchain technology to build the new generation social platform.

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Social network platforms have become an important and crucial part of our daily life.

Social media, as these different networking tools have become to be collectively known, has become a hot topic for users, academic researchers and business people alike. An interesting question concerning social media has been asked by a lot of people; is social media an opportunity or a risk?

The Huge Cloud Over User Data

While social networks offer new opportunities for interaction and communication, there are growing concerns over privacy issues. …

Chair.Finance Debuts Groundbreaking First Decentralized NFT Trading Platform.

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This article is a follow-up to my previous post on the Top 5 new NFT platforms to watch in 2021. Given the positive reactions and comments that the article garnered, I have decided to do a deep dive into each of these 5 platforms starting with Chair.Finance.

The crypto industry kicked into life the moment Satoshi Nakamoto validated the first Bitcoin block, and it created a world of innovation and a sea of change. Now, more than a decade later, cryptocurrencies are the talk of finance, reaching widespread adoption at a hastening rate.

Major financial firms are now either offering…

Yes, DeFi owned 2020 but it looks like 2021 belongs to NFTs!

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After years of discussion about the use cases that would drive blockchain adoption to the mainstream, it seems like in 2021, it’s finally happening. Seemingly even more popular than the price of Bitcoin or DeFi, NFTs have been making headlines around the world.

This trend is hardly surprising. Christie’s sale of Beeple’s NFT art collection was the first time the auction house had offered a purely digital piece, and it fetched a cool $69 million. Many artists, musicians etc have jumped on the bandwagon to create their own NFTs.

And it’s not all about the buzz, NFTs bring with them…

As an individual, these days your chances are not that good!

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***Guest Post***

Back when Bitcoin first appeared a decade ago, many people touted cryptocurrencies as the future. Some analysts predicted that this kind of digital currency would spell the end of traditional/fiat money in a couple of years’ time. Obviously — this has not happened yet, and with the current blockchain climate, it doesn’t appear as likely.

But while fiat lives to fight another day, there’s no doubt about one fact — cryptocurrencies have given rise to an incredibly valuable exchange market. With that in mind, many people have turned to the mining of cryptocurrencies — a metaphorical gold rush…

The top 6 cryptocurrency investment mistakes to look out for

Photo by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash

To answer your question, yes you can make tons of money with cryptocurrencies but could also lose a bundle and get rekt.

I am just being frank and honest here.

You probably came into crypto in the first place, not because you had read about the capabilities of blockchain technology but because you have read about the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a highly profitable new asset class. While it is true, that there is a lot of money to be made in the crypto space, if you just get in there just to make a quick buck, I…

And other flagship cryptocurrencies

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While the coronavirus, Kobe Bryant, the US presidential election and giving back to the community dominated 2020 Google search trends, I am 100% positive that Bitcoin will definitely dominate 2021 search trends.

One of the trends that should gain a lot of steam this year is “earning Bitcoin.” It is common knowledge that an individual can obtain Bitcoin by either purchasing it or earning it.

Over the last few years, the focus has been focused on enabling people to purchase digital currencies. …

Blockchain technology is getting popular by the day, why not take up one of these courses and upgrade yourself!

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Blockchain, the technology behind the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin is now 10 years old. The technology is getting popular by the day. Initially created to keep records of digital currencies like Bitcoin, blockchain has evolved over the years to serve as a decentralized system for businesses.

The world of today has managed to transcend beyond finance because of revolutionary technologies such as blockchain. Today, advertising, manufacturing, utility, healthcare, including other governmental and business sectors, are all utilising Blockchain-based applications for processing their transactions and processes.

In this article, I am going to share the best Blockchain certifications and online courses to…

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