NWC lockup and cash back program on Kucoin

KuCoin to Support NewsCrypto (NWC) Lockup and Cash Back Program

Tendai Tomu
4 min readMar 28, 2020


For traders and investors who are holding the NWC token and are looking to score big!

KuCoin has officially announced that it will support the NewsCrypto Token (NWC) lockup and cashback program. This program will start at 00:00:00 on March 30, 2020(UTC+8).

NewsCrypto has been holding token giveaways lately as a way of expressing gratitude to NWC token holders and the NewsCrypto community at large. The KuCoin NWC Lockup and Cash Back Program announcement comes soon after NewsCrypto launched another event earlier on this month following the NWC’s new successful listing on HitBTC exchange.

Exchange listings of the NWC token began in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the token is now listed on a number of exchanges including KuCoin, Probit, CAT.EX, BigONE and Dcoin.

Rules of the Lockup and Cash Back

How to lockup: For users who hold NWC and expect to gain profit, please withdraw NWC to LOCKNWC via the withdrawal page. (Visit the NWC withdrawal page, fill in the NWC address LOCKNWC in the wallet address bar).

Lockup period: Users can lock NWC from 00:00:00 on March 30, 2020 to 23:59:59 on April 5, 2020 (UTC+8). The lockup period will last 90 days. The NWC sent to the lockup address cannot be unlocked in advance.

Lockup limit: The minimum amount for single lockup is 10,000 NWC; The hard cap of a single user is 200,000 NWC.

Rate of return: The annualized rate of return is 60%;

Distribution of revenue: First lockup revenue will be paid on May 6, 2020 (UTC+8), second lockup revenue will be paid on June 5, 2020 (UTC+8), the last lockup revenue will be paid on July 5, 2020 (UTC+8); The principal will be distributed 1 day after the end of unlocking.

Risk-taking: This activity is only supported by KuCoin and the return is provided by the NWC Network. It does not mean that the platform provides any form of guarantee or guarantee for the user to obtain the estimated income. The actual income obtained by the user is inconsistent with the estimated return, and the participating users voluntarily assume such risk. The final interpretation of this event belongs to the platform.

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About NewsCrypto

Most information available online about cryptocurrency, trading tools, and exchange platforms is either too fragmented, outdated or out-rightly biased. Usually, when you want to trade, you have to open at least three tabs in order to receive sufficient information. NewsCrypto.io is disrupting all that!

Newscrypto.io is a self-funded, non-ICO holding project that has continued to grow exponentially since 2019 to become the number one educational and informational platform in the crypto industry. This growth has been achieved by providing crucial information and educating users about the world of crypto assets, with the aid of unique tools, detailed analysis, and a bespoke school program. The platform is suitable for beginners as well as experts.

There are a wide range of tools and features can be found on Newscrypto.io platform, that will change your whole crypto experience. For example, the Arbitrage tool provides trading leads to traders on markets and exchanges where they stand to make a profit by buying/selling from and doing the opposite in another at a profit. This gives the traders using the NewsCrypto platform an edge over their peers in the market as these arbitrage leads are readily available for Intermediate and Advanced tiers users and the potential percentage gain from each trade coin pair and exchange are already calculated.

These tools have set Newscrypto.io apart from ordinary news providing platforms. NewsCrypto’s prime mission is to provide traders and investors with all the information they need to avoid blind investments and rookie mistakes. If you are looking for an all-inclusive real-time platform that puts information, news, analytics and state of the art trading tools across the crypto market then the Newscrypto platform is the best choice for you.

All transactions on the NewsCrypto network are underpinned by the platform’s NWC token, which complies with the Stellar Lumen token. The NWC token performs both utility and value-transfer functions on Newscrypto.io with wallet support from Solar, Ledger, and Trezor.

Learn more about NewsCrypto.io and their disruptive platform

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