Holders Reward Event Hosts a Holders Reward Event for Investors and Community is the go-to platform for any crypto trader. Through the platform, traders get access to trading tools, advanced indicators, educational programs, and community predictions. These features allow traders to access any information they would need concerning cryptocurrencies in the market. Currently, there are 64,566 registered users.

Holder Rewards Event Details

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The event will run for ten months. During this time, NWC holders will receive rewards for simply holding the NWC token. To participate in the event, investors must hold a minimum of 5000 NWC tokens. will issue the rewards as follows:

Installing the Solar Wallet and Adding NWC Tokens

To participate in the event, users will need to install the Solar wallet to hold their NWC tokens.

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Should you have any questions concerning the event, or how to download the wallet, you can reach out to through their Telegram Channel or by sending an email to

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