The Newscrypto — Kucoin Event has Officially Started!

Take Profits Without Cost by Using the Pool-X Trial Fund

6 min readJun 12, 2020


A few days ago I wrote about the upcoming Newscrypto — Kucoin event where the two flagship crypto companies were going to be combining forces to create a one of a kind opportunity for everyone in the crypto world.

Kucoin has announced the NWC trial fund activity with the Newscrypto project which will be held via Kucoin’s Pool-X. Pool-X is an exchange that provides liquidity with staked crypto, making it the global pioneer of the liquidity evaluation system, providing real-time Staking mining profit and POL allocation evaluations.

At 20:00:00 (UTC+8) Today, 12 June 2020, tens of millions of NWC trial funds will be sent out to all users on Pool-X who choose to take part.

Here is the full announcement statement:

Dear Pool-X Users,

In order to provide more benefits to both the old and new users of Pool-X, the platform will launch the NWC trial fund activity with the Newscrypto project at 20:00:00 on June 12, 2020 (UTC+8). Tens of millions of NWC trial funds will be sent out, and Pool-X invites you to get involved.

All times in this news are based on the UTC+8 time zone.

The total allocation of the trial fund: 24,000,000 NWC

Participation Qualification: All users on Pool-X

Activity Period: 20:00:00 on June 12, 2020 to 23:59:59 on August 2, 2020 (UTC+8)

How to Get the Trial Fund:

1. Add the POL/USDT and NWC/USDT trading pairs to your Favorites on KuCoin during the specified time to qualify for the trial fund. (Snapshot Time: 2020–06–14 23:59:59) Users can get the trial fund by completing the following two tasks:

Task 1: Hold 1,000 or more NWC in your Pool-X account, and you will get 10,000 NWC in trial funds. (Snapshot Time: 2020–06–14 23:59:59)

Task 2: Participate in the Quiz provided by the NWC project. Users can get corresponding trial funds according to the accuracy of their answers on the Quiz. (Quiz Link

Note: Only the scores from the first attempt at the Quiz will be accepted for each user.

2. Each user can get 50,000 NWC at most in trial funds. The trial fund allocation is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Users can check the trial funds they receive on the Pool-X Assets page.

Rules of NWC Trial Fund Distribution:

Rules of NWC Trial Fund Distribution

Timeline for Receiving the Trial Fund (UTC+8):

Timeline for Receiving the Trial Fund

How to Use the Trial Fund:

During the specified time, users can participate in Staking “NWC-21” on the Pool-X Platform. In addition to the staking benefits of NWC, users can also get a share of the mining rewards of 250,000 POL every day! Due to the time and allocation limitation for the lock-up, users who got the NWC trial fund but have not staked successfully can exclusively stake the product “NWC- Staking”.

Product details can be found in the table below or you can visit the Pool-X website.

Product details


1. The user shall complete the relevant trial fund task before the end of the trial fund task. The amount of the trial fund is limited, and it is on a first-come-first-served basis. When the trial fund is allocated, the priority of the users participating in Quiz will be higher than that of the users holding positions. In other words, the trial fund will first be allocated to the users according to the order of completion time when the users finished the quiz, and then the trial fund will be allocated according to the positions held by the users from high to low.

2. During the validity period of the NWC trial fund, users can participate in Staking on Pool-X by using NWC.

3. Stake the fixed product “NWC-21” to get the staking rewards of NWC and the POL mining rewards. Stake the Flexible product “NWC-Staking” to get the POL mining rewards. The staking rewards and the mining rewards (denominated in POL) will be distributed to your Pool-X account daily. The revenues will be accounted for according to T-1 days, and the T refers to the remaining days of the staking (including the current day of staking).

4. NWC trial funds cannot be withdrawn or transferred from Pool-X.

5. NWC trial funds are not eligible for the Soft Staking rewards on Pool-X.

6. After the expiration of the NWC trial fund, the system will automatically take back the NWC trial fund.

7. The user hereby confirms that participating in the staking activity is voluntary, and the KuCoin Group has not forced, interfered with, or influenced the user’s decision in any way.

8. During the staking period of Fixed products, users are not allowed to redeem in advance before the deadline of the staking period. (How to redeem?)

9. When the trial fund expires, it will automatically be withdrawn by the system, and the user’s available balance will be used to return the trial fund first. When the available balance is insufficient, the system will execute the cancellation of the user’s trading orders and the redemption of the locked assets until the trial fund is returned in full.

Risk Warning: Staking is a risk investment channel. Investors should be sensible in their participation and be aware of investment risks. The KuGroup is not liable for users’ investment gains or losses. The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice. The KuGroup reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity.

Pool-X will be releasing more staking services in the future. For any cooperation requests, please contact

Thank you for your support and understanding!

The Pool-X Team

About Newscrypto (NWC)’s main focus is to solve the problem of finding the right information at the right time while being a trustworthy source and offering our members the best user experience possible. Therefore, we strive to give our members security and confidence at the highest level while providing them with the best indicators and analysis on the market.

Newscrypto offers many innovative features on its platform, such as charts with resistance and support lines already drawn called predefined charts as well as a school program that is sponsored by the most advanced and secure exchange KuCoin. The school program has an interactive quiz after each lesson which grants you points. After finishing the school, you get a title based on those points. KuCoin also provides you with a special reward and a diploma when you finish the Newscrypto free school program.

Newscrypto has built its own NWC token, a stellar lumen compliant that serves as an investment tool that relies on a deflation model. The NWC token can be used on the Newscrypto platform to purchase intermediate or advanced tier membership, with the beginner tier being free to use. Each tier offers different kinds of trading tools as well as top indicators that help you predict the market. The deflation model, called the burning system, burns 20 percent of the membership fee, meaning each time someone purchases a Newscrypto membership, 20% of the price is immediately burned. This means that the total supply is reduced, equal to the organic growth of the NWC token.

The NWC token is listed on many exchanges, such as KuCoin, Probit, HitBTC, CAT.EX, BigONE and Dcoin. Altogether, it has 11 different pairs with BTC, ETH, and USDT. Newscrypto also has a community predictions section where you can upload charts that you have drawn and get feedback from the community, as well as a possibility to win weekly rewards in NWC tokens.

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